Successful adoption of NUCLEUS 3D IoT Platform in Orchid Hotel

Video of NUCLEUS 3D IoT Platform adopted in Orchid Hotel (by IMDA)

Under the SMEs Go Digital programme offered by IMDA, Orchid Hotel has successfully adopted the pre-approved NUCLEUS 3D IoT Platform for Smart Buildings Solution. The solution, implemented by G Element in partnership with Asahi Security Technologies, provides fully integrated facilities and security services that helps building and business operators to improve decision making through NUCLEUS 3D visualisation in the command centre.

With the ability to retrieve timely and accurate data, Orchid Hotel has improved manpower deployment to generate greater customer satisfaction besides raising the efficiency of their staff by allowing them to concentrate on their core functions.

According to Ms Kayn Chng, assistant general manager at Orchid Hotel, SMEs are usually at a disadvantage compared to big brands. “With this solution we will be able to get more timely and accurate data that will enable us to have better time management and manpower deployment,” Ms Chng said.

Source: TODAY Online