We live and breathe buildings and cities.

Founded since 2001, G Element has transformed itself from a visualization consultancy firm to an innovative, leading-edge 3D software company focusing on smart buildings and cities.

We have made it our mission to continually develop technologies and applications that help building owners and managers achieve unified, high-level situation awareness and management for their smart buildings and cities.

200 billion sensors – Convergence for smart buildings and cities.

By the year 2020, it is predicted that there will be more than 200 billion sensors worldwide. As buildings become highly sensorized in the near future, the demand for convergence of building systems will accelerate. The market for converged, integrated building systems is forecasted globally to grow from $58 billion in 2013 to $100 billion in 2021.

Where we participate

With convergence, top-level building managers will constantly need high-level, unified awareness of the ongoing situations in their smart buildings and cities. Unified situation awareness enables managers to achieve enhanced efficiency, informed decision-making and high responsiveness to situations in safety and security, building environment, and enterprise functions within their buildings.

Over the years, G Element has built up extensive research and development in the area of situational visualization and building-centric user interfaces, leading to our flagship product, NUCLEUS. G Element NUCLEUS is an open-platform software that unifies different sensor sub-systems, and fuses real-time sensor data with 3D building information to provide unified situation management for smart buildings and cities. Read more about our Product Philosophy.

Industry recognition and awards

Our 3D products have won prominent awards and recognition from key industry partners in the Asia Pacific and European region, including :

> 2017 – Top Smart City Innovators in Vietnam Smart City Innovation Challenge
> 2017 – Winner of IoT Asia Trialblazer Award
> 2012 – Winner of Asia Pacific ICT Award for Best Industrial Application
> 2012 – Singapore SiTF Award for Emerging Applications
> 2012 – Malaysia YES YTL Technology Prize
> 2011 – Asia Pacific Milestone Best Integration Award
> 2010 – Stockholm Challenge (Finalist)
> 2008 – Navteq LBS Challenge (Semi-Finalist)