> Open Platform

We believe in an open-platform approach, striving to unify or enable integration with different types of building-connected sensors from different manufacturers, so that building owners, users and consultants can achieve ‘best-of-breed’ system designs for their buildings.

> Productive Visualization

We believe that productive visualization is pivotal for our end-users to interpret and manage situations effectively. We believe that 3D building/city visualization provide an efficient, seamless and singular context to understand situations and we continually develop innovative ways to fuse the presentation of large amounts of real-time sensor data with 3D building/city models to deliver effective situation visualization and awareness.

> Interactivity with Buildings and Situations

We believe the power and ability to interact with a ‘model’ of the real-time situation drives effective communication, co-ordination and decisive response to incidents. We continually explore ways that enable the user to communicate and co-ordinate most effectively through direct interaction with the 3D situation model.