Smart buildings services cloud

Autonomous intelligence, Universal situation awareness, Self-service capability.
Senfi eases the task of building operations monitoring, anytime, anywhere.

Senfi’s Autonomous Intelligence

Senfi enables you to interconnect building systems and modern technologies (IoT, robots, artificial intelligence and data analytics) into workflows that can operate autonomously or with minimal human intervention. Autonomous intelligence workflows enable buildings to continue to be managed effectively even when there is little or no manpower on-site, for example, during a pandemic lockdown or labour crunch.

Interconnecting systems via Senfi autonomous intelligence
No-code and Low-code Tools

Customize workflows easily using in-built “no-code” GUI editors. Senfi provides low-code scripting tools for advanced workflows.

Workflow customization using GUI editor
Interoperability Across Systems

With Senfi, end-users can now create workflows using data, artificial intelligence and analytics from across multiple systems, making systems interoperable.

Interoperability across systems