HIMSS AsiaPac15 – 6-10 September 2015, L5 Sands Grand Ballroom A – H Marina Bay Sands, SingaporeHIMSS AsiaPac15

G Element co-exhibition under NCS healthcare solution

G Element had a successful exhibition showcasing NUCLEUS as a smart 3D unified healthcare management solution at the HIMSS AsiaPac15. We thank all those who took their precious time to join us at the event held at Marina Bay Sands Ballroom, 6-10 September 2015.

G Element booth

Permanent Secretary of Health, Mrs. Tan Ching Yee at G Element’s booth

With SMART Healthcare as one of the critical indicators of a SMART nation, Asia is moving towards becoming highly digitalized and connected. G Element, together with NCS presents NUCLEUS – a smart 3D unified management platform for the hospitals.

NUCLEUS allows silos systems across information management, operations, building facilities and security management to be integrated on one platform, allowing meaningful data interaction across systems.

introduction to members from Raffles Medical Group

NCS’s Healthcare Sales Director Mr. Chan Kah Choon showcasing NUCLEUS to member from Raffles Medical Group

Using RFID tracking technology, patients, medical staff and even medical equipment can now be easily tracked and traced on NUCLEUS’s 3D visualization of the premises. High dependency inpatients can be better monitored, with NUCLEUS immediately informing medical staff of any falls or weakening vital signs detected.

Combined with bed management system, NUCLEUS improves bed cleaning services, so that highly demand beds can be made available sooner. On the overall, higher management can also get a comprehensive situation awareness, improve coordination between teams and shorten response time, lightening load on need for manpower.