NUCLEUS @ Dahua Showroom Launch

Dahua Showroom Launch 2017 – 16 May 2017

Launch of Dahua Showroom

G Element would like to congratulate our partner, Dahua Technology, for the launching of their new showroom. The showroom comprises of technologies carried by Dahua Technologies, such as HDCVI CCTV, 4K HD CCTV, 360 degrees IP CCTV, Thermal Imaging CCTV, Carpark lot sensor, Access Control, Video Intercom etc.

Walk through of NUCLEUS integration with Dahua’s CCTVs

The various types of CCTVs carried by Dahua Technologies can be integrated into NUCLEUS to provide building/city operators a situational overview of the building/city. Using NUCLEUS’s virtual guard tour function, security guards can increase the number of patrol frequency. Together with other integrated systems such as access control, building management system, fire detection system, guard/visitor tracking etc, building operators can get information from multiple sources to make informed decisions when emergency incidents occur.