Advanced 3D Video Fusion Features

Real-time 3D video fusion

In addition to visualize live CCTV video via a window callout overlaid onto the 3D scene, NUCLEUS also provides advanced 3D video fusion features to project the live CCTV video directly onto the 3D premise model.

3D Tour Management

Smart Tour Module
On top of viewing bookmarked views of individual places of interest, users can also play a series of 3D bookmarks to form an automated site tour around the entire 3D premises for prospective visitors. In addition, CCTVs can be configured to display video feeds at each stop of the tour, giving security management operators access to a simple guard tour.

Planning Module

Planting security device models from placemark library

As part of contingency planning and emergency preparedness, NUCLEUS also provides tools to enable users to plant 2D icons or 3D models onto the 3D premise model to mark and optionally annotate locations of interest, or to represent physical assets during deployment planning. Upon planning, the users will be able to know planning quantities or resource manifest to prepare.

3D Multi-touch Control

Multi-touch control for command briefing
NUCLEUS provides the briefing director or commander with a direct 3D multi-touch user interface to quickly navigate and manipulate the 3D premise model to the target area of interest.