NUCLEUS – Integration with Security Sensors (Alternative video link at Tudou/土豆.)


NUCLEUS interposes security sensors, such as CCTV cameras, access control devices, intrusion detection systems, video content analytics and guard tracking, with 3D building structure information to provide a 3D security situation awareness to security managers. Security managers are able to visually track different incidents occurring across different building floors and sections in one single unified view, without any blind-spots.

Key Capabilities
  • > Virtual Guard Tour
  • > 3D Video Fusion
  • > CCTV/VMS Sub-system Management Interface
  • > Video Content Analytics (VCA) Management Interface
  • > Access Control Sub-system Management Interface
  • > Fence Intrusion Sub-system Management Interface
  • > Guard Tracking Sub-system Management Interface
  • > Gate/Bollard Sub-system Management Interface
  • > Integrated Alarm Management Interface
Benefits to Building Security
  • > Comprehensive security situation awareness
  • > One unified 3D situation view
  • > Powerful 3D building-based management interface to sub-systems
  • > Better emergency preparedness
  • > Powerful Command Briefing Support
  • > Intuitive 3D Asset Planning Support
  • > Integrated Alarm Management