NUCLEUS – Integration with Positioning Sensors

NUCLEUS – Planning with 3D Asset Support

NUCLEUS provides comprehensive event operations awareness to event managers by consolidating real-time event information. Event managers can develop 3D event plans and clearly brief staff operators using the 3D premise model as the briefing context. In addition, mobile field teams can securely access, retrieve and refer to event-related 3D premise models via 3G/4G/wifi mobile networks.

Key Capabilities
  • > CCTV/VMS Sub-system Management Interface
  • > GPS-based and Indoor Asset Tracking Management Interface
  • > Video Content Analytics (VCA) Management Interface
  • > Distribution of 3D premise information to mobile field units
  • > Asset deployment planning for event
  • > Deployment and operations briefing support for event
Benefits to Event Security and Management
  • > Comprehensive premise situation awareness
  • > One unified 3D situation view
  • > Powerful 3D building-based management interface to sub-systems
  • > Better emergency preparedness
  • > Integrated Alarm Management
  • > Multiple 3D premise site management support
  • > Secure, Networked Access to 3D Premise Information
  • > Ease of Team Scalability