NUCLEUS’s 3D smart premise management platform can be deployed for the following applications :

1. Smart Premise Automation and Management Application

NUCLEUS empowers premise managers with comprehensive 3D situation awareness of the premise environmental variables, such as temperature, energy usage, humidity and air quality. In addition, NUCLEUS’s networked access architecture enables managers to oversee and manage several premises easily from the operations centre.

2. Smart Building Security Application

NUCLEUS interposes security sensors, such as CCTV cameras, access control devices, intrusion detection systems, video content analytics and guard tracking, with 3D building structure information to provide a 3D security situation awareness to security managers. Security managers are able to visually track different incidents occurring across different building floors and sections in one single unified view, without any blind-spots.

3. Smart Event Security and Management Application

NUCLEUS provides comprehensive event operations awareness to event managers by consolidating real-time event information. Event managers can develop 3D event plans and clearly brief staff operators using the 3D premise model as the briefing context. In addition, mobile field teams can securely access, retrieve and refer to event-related 3D premise models via 3G/4G/wifi mobile networks.

4. Smart Enterprise Applications

NUCLEUS can be applied to provide comprehensive situation awareness for enterprise applications, such as person or asset tracking, people-counting and location-based analytics. For example, NUCLEUS can provide a shopping mall with visual footfall distribution across multiple floors and sections of the 3D shopping mall model, based on indoor tracking or people-counting sensors.

5. Premise Visualization Applications

NUCLEUS enables you to access and visualize your premises as 3D premise models for purposes of discussion, staff training and orientation, and general work-planning. This is particularly useful if you are managing several remote premise sites and need to familiarize your staff with the layouts and facilities of the various sites.