NUCLEUS can be customized and extended easily to fit different deployment parameters, including your custom sensor devices, your operational rules and how device information can be disseminated to NUCLEUS.

Custom Device Type Editor

The Custom Device Type Editor enables you to define new custom device types to be used in your deployment. For example, if you intend to connect up a mining robot with live video sensors, positioning sensors and toxic gas detection sensors, you can easily define such a custom device type for use with NUCLEUS.

3D Device Instance Editor

The 3D Device Instance Editor enables you to create device instances from pre-defined device types and set up the device instances for real-time management within NUCLEUS. The 3D Device Instance Editor enables you to set up initial information for the device instance, including positioning a 2D icon or 3D model of the device instance within the 3D site model.


The NUCLEUS Real-time API enables you to connect real-time data and events to specific device instances in NUCLEUS and enables you to override preset rule behaviour via the API protocol. The Real-time API enables easy integration via HTTP web services and SOAP protocol, and can be compatibly integrated with almost any type of device, including IP cameras, video management systems, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, energy meters, building automation controllers, real-time locationing systems, and others.